Source: O\’Reilly Radar Four short links: 17 November 2017 Interactive Marginalia, In-Person Interactions, Welcoming Groups, and Systems Challenges Interactive Marginalia (Liza Daly) — wonderfully thoughtful piece about web annotations. In-Person Interactions — Casual human interaction gives you lots of serendipitous opportunities to figure out that the problem […]

Source: O\’Reilly Radar Four short links: 16 November 2017 Regulate IoT, Visualize CRISPR, Distract Strategically, and Code Together It’s Time to Regulate IoT To Improve Security — Bruce Schneier puts it nicely: internet security is now becoming “everything” security. Real-Space and Real-Time Dynamics of CRISPR-Cas9 (Nature) — […]

Source: O\’Reilly Radar The tools that make TensorFlow productive Analytical frameworks come with an entire ecosystem. Deployment is a big chunk of using any technology, and tools to make deployment easier have always been an area of innovation in computing. For instance, the difficulties and uncertainties of installing software and […]

Source: O\’Reilly Radar Modern HTTP service virtualization with Hoverfly Service virtualization brings a lightweight, automatable means of simulating external dependencies. In modern software systems, it’s very common for applications to depend on third party or internal services. For example, an ecommerce site might depend on a third party payment service […]

Source: O\’Reilly Radar Four short links: 15 November 2017 Paywalled Research, Reproducing AI Research, Spy Teardown, and Peer-to-Peer Misinformation 65 of the 100 Most-Cited Papers Are Paywalled — The weighted average of all the paywalls is: $32.33 […] [T]he open access articles in this list are, on average, cited […]

Source: O\’Reilly Radar Scaling messaging in Go network clients Learn how the NATS client implements fast publishing and messages processing schemes viable for production use. The previous article in this series created a client that communicated with a server in a simple fashion. This article shows how to add features […]

Source: O\’Reilly Radar Four short links: 14 November 2017 AI Microscope, Android Geriatrics, Doxing Research, and Anti-Goals AI-Powered Microscope Counts Malaria Parasites in Blood Samples (IEEE Spectrum) — The EasyScan GO microscope under development would combine bright-field microscope technology with a laptop computer running deep learning software that can automatically […]