Source: Marketing Technology A Snapshot of Omnichannel Consumer Buying Behavior in 2017 Omnichannel strategies are becoming more common to implement as marketing cloud providers offer tighter integration and measurement of strategies across the consumer’s journey. Tracking links and cookies enable a seamless experience where, regardless of the channel, the platform […]

Source: Marketing Technology Should Brands Take a Stance on Social Issues? This morning, I unfollowed a brand on Facebook. Over the last year, their updates morphed into political attacks, and I no longer wished to see that negativity in my feed. For several years, I openly shared my political viewpoints. too. […]

Source: Marketing Technology The 12 Brand Archetypes: Which One Are You? We all want a loyal following. We’re constantly looking for that magical marketing plan that will connect us to our audience and make our product an irreplaceable part of their life. What we don’t often realize is that connections […]

Source: Marketing Technology 10 Types of Triggered Email Campaigns You Should Implement In working with several email vendors, I’ve always been surprised at the lack of pre-designed, effective triggered email campaigns within the accounts upon implementation. If you’re a platform reading this – you should have these campaigns ready to […]