Source: O\’Reilly Radar Four short links: 18 September 2017 AI Journos, AI Hype, Faces from Photos, and Regulating Online Advertising AI-Produced Journalism — In its first year, the Post has produced around 850 articles using Heliograf. That included 500 articles around the election that generated more than 500,000 clicks […]

Source: MarTech 72 hours in Shanghai in a parallel martech universe The world’s three largest Internet companies are American: Google (Alphabet), Amazon, and Facebook. The fourth largest — actually the 9th most valuable company in the world by market capitalization — is the Chinese giant Tencent. The sheer scale of […]

Source: O\’Reilly Radar Four short links: 15 September 2017 Hardware Life Tetris, VR-64, Face Average, and LoRa Backscatter Tetris From the Ground Up — quixotic brilliance. Hardware to Game of Life to Tetris. VR Goggles For C64 — I built the VR64 using three components: a $10 […]

Source: O\’Reilly Radar Visualizing convolutional neural networks Building convnets from scratch with TensorFlow and TensorBoard. Given all of the higher level tools that you can use with TensorFlow, such as tf.contrib.learn and Keras, one can very easily build a convolutional neural network with a very small amount of code. But […]

Source: HubSpot Marketing 17 Data Visualization Resources You Should Bookmark Whether you’re writing a blog post, putting together a presentation, or working on a full-length report, using data in your content marketing strategy is a must. Using data helps enhance your arguments by making your writing more compelling. It gives […]

Source: Marketing Technology What’s the Impact of a Micro vs. Macro-Influencer Strategies Influencer marketing lies somewhere in between the word-of-mouth colleague that you trust and the paid advertisement you put on a website. Influencers often have great ability to build awareness but range in their ability to actually influence prospects […]

Source: Marketing Technology Zymplify: Marketing as a Service for Small Business Rapid development, frameworks, and integrations continue to put platforms on the market that provide a plethora of features at substantially lower costs each year. Zymplify is one of those platforms – a cloud marketing platform that provides all the […]