watch Source: O\’Reilly Radar Four short links: 13 November 2015 CEO Optimism — CEOs always act on leading indicators of good news, but only act on lagging indicators of bad news. (Andy Grove) Fibbing — lie to your router table to get the most from your network. Clever! TensorFlow for GPUs […]

Source: Google Analytics Share Google Analytics data and remarketing lists more efficiently using manager accounts (MCC) The following was originally posted on the AdWords Blog. From monitoring account performance at scale to making cross-account campaign changes, manager accountshelp many of the most sophisticated AdWords advertisers get more done in less […]

Source: Google Analytics Happy 10th Birthday, Google Analytics! Today marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of Google Analytics. So much has changed over the last decade! If you think back ten years ago, the most popular smartphone was the Blackberry and a 128 megabyte flash drive cost about $30. […]

Source: Google Analytics Integrating Marketing Mix Modeling with Data-driven Attribution for Holistic Insights Today’s marketers have more opportunities than ever to drive business success. They also face increasing pressure to prove, manage, and optimize marketing performance.  A relentless push towards accountability has driven the adoption of ever-more-sophisticated measurement tools. Many […]