Source: O\’Reilly Radar Four short links: 14 September 2017 Self-Folding Electronics, Mozilla Comments, Observability, and NLP Library 3D-Printed Self-Folding Electronics — Here, we demonstrate a method for spontaneous folding of three-dimensional (3D)-printed composites with embedded electronics at room temperature. The composite is printed using a multimaterial 3D-printing process with […]

Source: Marketing Technology How Each Generation Has Adapted To and Utilizes Technology It’s pretty common for me to groan when I see some article berating Millennials or making some other terrible stereotypical criticism. However, there’s little doubt there aren’t natural behavioral tendencies between generations and their relationship to technology. I […]

Source: O\’Reilly Radar Time machine for cancer diagnosis Exciting new genetic testing technology has improved the speed and accuracy of cancer diagnosis. One of the most important improvements in oncology was the introduction of target therapy. It allowed clinicians to prescribe a pharmacological treatment specifically […]