Source: Marketing Technology Gated or Non-Gated Content: When? Why? How… Reaching your audience by intersecting with their digital behaviors is getting inherently more accessible through targeted advertising and media. Getting your brand to the forefront of your buyer’s mind, helping them become more aware of your brand and hopefully entering […]

Source: HubSpot Marketing 5 Key Traits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook as a simple “hot-or-not” site to get back at classmates. Nike founder Phil Knight called the now ubiquitious shoe company his “crazy idea.” Instagram began with a single photo filter to make turn its users into […]

Source: O\’Reilly Radar Four short links: 26 June 2017 Howtoons Kidsets, Computational Thinking, Data Viz, and Affordable Genomics Howtoons Subscription — this is brilliant! An amazing kit in the mail each month, with an interesting project each time. It’s given me some priceless moments with my nephew. They’re not […]

Source: Marketing Technology Vecteezy Editor: A Free SVG Editor Online Modern browsers are doing a great job supporting the scalable vector graphics format (SVG). If you’re wondering what that gobbledygook means, here’s a quick explanation. Let’s say you have a piece of graph paper and you want to draw a […]

Source: Marketing Technology Are You Open to a New Content Management System? A couple years ago, 100% of our clients utilized WordPress as their content management system. Just two years later and that number has dropped by about a third. Since I’ve been developing and designing sites in WordPress for […]